Progress Update

Hey, it’s Kayleigh again. Just here to let you know that the MMX team is still hard at work, preparing the tutorial level for release. Right now, we’ve really nailed down the map concept, and we’ve begun work organizing the bestiary. We’re also beginning work on the user interface, so start getting ready! More updates to come later, stay tuned!


Artists working hard to bring you monsters…so many monsters.

Hello everyone, 

I’m Kayleigh Gray, and I’m one of the concept artists working on MMX. Just wanted to assure the fandom at large that the creature design for the tutorial level is coming along swimmingly. We’ve definitely got some surprises in store. I’ll be updating frequently about the concept art and will be here to answer as many questions as I can without giving too much away! Stay tuned!

Composers began to build the tutorial level for your ears

Dear Community,

May I introduce myself? My name is Tobias Mesch and I’m one of the Might and Magic composers. I have good news for you.

We all agree that background music plays a major role in the Might and Magic series. This tradition won’t break off and we will bring the well-known ambience back to you in the new title “Children of the Void”. Finally it’s a continuation with fans which like this characteristic, isn’t it? The last assignments has been made on last Saturday. Stay tuned!

Composer of Might and Magic X

Finalized Character Races and Classes

After much though put into our character system, the following races and classes have now been set in stone for Might and Magic X: Children of the Void.


Human, Dwarf, Elf, Lizard

Some of you are already familiar with our racial choices. They have been chosen from the most commonly occurring intelligent races in Might and Magic games. Our new innovation will be delving deeper into the world of the lizard men, which have appeared in Might and Magic VI, Might and Magic VIII, and several of the Heroes games. The home of the Lizards in Might and Magic X will be a region in mid-Iranese in between Great Arcan and Aranorn, and bordering Lake Sleet (where the final battle between Elwin and Lord Harke occurred in Heroes of Might and Magic IV.) We have named this region Wasteland of Woe and it will be home to many different lizard tribes, such as the ones seen on the Dagger Wound Islands on Jadame in Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer.


Knight, Paladin, Archer, Ranger, Cleric, Druid, Mage, Monk, Thief, Pirate, Vampire, Lich

These are the 12 starting classes in Might and Magic X. Each class has certain skills that they are able to Grandmaster. We will be discussing the addition of a special ability for each character class that is independent of skill. As a brief example of this, we could allow the vampire class the “vampiric” ability where it gains a certain percentage of life based on the amount of damage it deals to a foe. The MMX team will meet and discuss these special class abilities sometime in the future.

We hope you enjoyed this surprise update and please stay in touch for more updates. There will be several additional bloggers from the MMX team who will each write articles once a week when they’re available. You will hear from different people in different departments and hopefully walk away with a better idea of how MMX is operating. Of course it will get more interest invested in this project, which is one of our primary project goals! So to wrap up, I would like to thank you very much for your interest in MMX!

President of Might and Magic X 

Production Plan for Year Ending 2012

According to one of our top level designers, the first dungeon in Might and Magic X will be 100% finished by the end of August 2012. From September through December, everyone will be working on the region and town on which the tutorial level will take place, and getting everything in place to finish designing this level by the end of the year. By sometime between December 2012 and January 2013, we will be totally finished with the tutorial level, and a 2-3 minute video demo of gameplay will be released to YouTube. From there on, we will be repeating the level design process with the areas on the game’s main continent and generating assets for the rest of the game.

President of Might and Magic X

Welcome to the new Might and Magic X website!

Might and Magic lovers, I am proud to welcome you all to the new MMX website on WordPress. You may or may not be following us on Facebook and Twitter, but, whether or are or not, or plan to at all, now you will have a whole new way to receive news and updates on the game and read blog entries written by the developers of MMX. While you wait for MMX to be developed, I know you will be playing other games in other fantasy worlds—so until then, happy gaming, friends!